Annual Reports

Press Releases

Query Letters

Book Blurbs

Jacket Flap Copy

Manuscript Editing

We are happy to edit your documents, so you are sure to present the best possible image in your communication strategy.

We can also create the documents you need for your business or organization to function at its best.

As literary support, we can be an objective eye for editing your book blurb, jacket flap copy, query letters, or your entire manuscript.


Independent Publishing                 Guidance/Coaching

Long/Short-term Publicity

Ongoing Project Support 


Our independent publishing venture began in 2014 and is going strong. We offer in- depth and up-to-date industry advice to those seeking to publish independently. 

As your self-publishing coach, we can provide a draft-to-publication checklist that will guide you through the many steps and decisions that must be made on your way to publication. Whether you need full-service assistance or advice with specific projects or questions along the way, we're there to help you succeed in a competitive environment.

Please contact us with the details of your project.



Social Media



We can create a complete publicity plan to promote your event, book launch, or any new project.

Designing a publicity plan to build excitement around your new venture (or adventure) is our specialty.  Whether you need a multi-tiered program that incorporates everything from social and traditional media to paid advertising and special promotional items or a handful of press releases to raise interest in a smaller project, we can create the buzz you need to get people interested.